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want to know about me? ask! :) i promise i don't bite..

Happy 14th Birthday to one of the fiercest on the West Coast, Miss Nina Choi. 

My ❤️

— Dance Asks

1. What types of dance do you currently do?
2. What types of dance have you done?
3. What is your favorite dance style?
4. Least favorite dance style?
5. Favorite dance TV show?
6. Favorite dance movie?
7. Favorite dancer(s)?
8. Favorite Ballet?
9. Dream role(s)?
10. Ever performed in a dance show?
11. Ever performed in a ballet?
12. Ever auditioned for something?
13. Ever been to a summer intensive?
14. Ever competed?
15. An embarrassing dance moment?
16. Most embarrassing dance you've ever performed?
17. Favorite dance that you've performed?
18. Favorite dance costume that you've ever worn?
19. Least favorite dance costume?
20. In your opinion, what was the best performance you ever did?
21. Worst performance you ever did?
22. How long have you been dancing?
23. Do you want/have some kind of dance career?
24. Favorite dance trick that you can do?
25. Favorite dance step?
26. What role(s) have you played, if any?
27. Ever performed a solo, duo, or trio?
28. Favorite dance brand?
29. Favorite place to buy dance supplies?
30. Favorite brand of dance shoes?
31. Best dance experience you have had so far?
32. Best backstage memory?
33. Ever been in a fight with a teacher?
34. Ever been in a fight with a fellow dancer?
35. Ever somehow ruined a dance costume?
36. Ever had a dance injury?
37. Ever had to take a dance break?
38. Do you have any pre-performance routines?
39. How do you warm up/prepare for class?
40. How do you usually do your stage makeup?
41. Ever been on any kind of dance team?
42. Ever gotten really stressed out over a performance?
43. Have you ever done a partnering dance?
44. Ever been told that you should quit dance?
45. Most dance numbers you have performed in one show?
46. Ever been best friends with someone in your studio?
47. Ever hated someone in your studio?
48. Ever had a crush on someone in your studio?
49. Three random facts about your dance studio?
50. Favorite dance company?
51. Do you want to be a professional dancer?
52. What are your weaknesses?
53. What are your strengths?
54. Do you think you're good at acting and getting into character?
55. Have you ever danced in a musical?
56. Favorite dance quote?
57. A dancer you look up to?
58. What inspires you?
59. Ever read any dance novels?
60. What are your favorite stretches?
61. Ever fallen, forgotten choreography, or messed up in some other way onstage?
62. Ever been so upset that you cried after a performance?
63. Ever cried, puked, or passed out in class?
64. Ever gone to class while sick?
65. Ever had to perform while sick or injured?
66. How many hours a week do you dance?
67. Favorite thing about dance?
68. Least favorite thing about dance?
69. Ever seen a live show that you were not in?
70. Have you ever had to change dance studios?
71. How many different studios/schools/companies have you danced with?
72. How do you usually pass time backstage when you're not dancing?
73. Favorite version of The Nutcracker?
74. Have you ever had to wear really embarrassing dance makeup?
75. Have you ever taught a dance class?
76. Ever met a professional dancer?
77. Thought about quitting dance?
78. Been jealous of another dancer?
79. Do you practice at home?
80. What do you usually wear to class?
81. Do you ever receive flowers after a performance?
82. Who do you usually invite to see you perform?
83. What kind of hair supplies do you use?
84. Do you have earrings that you use specifically for performances?
85. Do you wear makeup to class/rehearsal?
86. Do you prefer footed, convertible, or footless tights?
87. Favorite leotard?
88. Do you have a lucky item that you bring with you backstage to shows?
89. Do you keep a dance journal?
90. Do you like to choreograph your own dances?
91. Favorite dance class?
92. Favorite variation?
93. Ever had to dance with a prop?
94. Ever danced in a talent show?
95. Top 5 favorite dances you've ever done?
96. Do you have any scars from dance?
97. Do you take dance seriously or is just for fun?
98. If you could suddenly be able to do any trick, stunt, turn, jump, or dance move without working for it what would you choose?
99. Does your studio have levels?
100. Ever been in a dance photo shoot?



Do your legs ever hurt so bad after dance that you just have to sit down in the shower?





in love with misty copeland

please go vote for my friend! —

imageI know posts like this get annoying and some of you will probably unfollow me but hear me out here:

This girl is my best friend and her dream for as long as I can remember (and trust me, we’ve been friends for at least 7 years), is to become a cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts.  It’s a NFL football team for those of you who might not know, and the cheerleaders are much more like dancers per say.  She’s been on my dance team with me for the past four years and I have never met a more dedicated girl that works so hard to achieve her goals.  She’s struggled with a lot and this past year has been especially hard for her because of family issues, but this is her passion and I want to see her make her dreams a reality.  I can’t think of a better candidate to deserve this opportunity and I know this might not seem like a big deal for you but taking 2 seconds out of your day to click vote for her could change her life and open up new opportunities for my best friend.  So please if you could click the link below and vote for her.  You can vote every 24 hours if you so choose but I’ve seen the amazing things that tumblr has done and I can’t stress enough how much this girl deserves this opportunity. Again my apologizes if I have wasted any of your time but please (if you wish) go vote for my best friend.  You are all amazing and thank you for your support.